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    The Mint “400” Off Road Race Mar 9th – 13th 2016 – Las Vegas, NV

    The Mint "400"

    We are building a Bigger Badder Toyota Tacoma for the race in Las Vegas Atkinson Toyota Off Road Race Team will be in Las Vegas March 9th - 13th for The Mint 400! Visit TheMint400.com

    Bigger Badder Tacoma!

    Here is our newest Tacoma ready to race at The Mint 400 It has 100 more horse power and it is 200 lbs lighter.
    Lets Go Team Atkinson! Drivers at The Mint 400 are Javier Quiros & Ryan Millen

    It Was A Great Race

    We blew the power steering early, later rolled the Tacoma, then we drove like crazy to finish the race before 1am.
    It Was A Great Race!!!! Atkinson Toyota Racing Team in Parker AZ

    BlueWater Resort Parker “425” presented by Impact

    The BlueWater Parker “425” presented by Impact is February 4-7, 2016, start making your plans now!
    The great BlueWater Parker “425”; it’s one of the most fun races on our schedule, our racers love Parker, AZ.

    For more details on the race visit Best In The Desert

    Our Newest Toyota Tacoma!

    Javier and Amadeo Quiros will be the drivers for this event in Parker, AZ 2016 Best In The Desert Race (BITD).

    Look At This Toyota Tacoma Flying

    Can a truck can actually fly? Look at the crazy air that this Toyota Tacoma is getting.

    Visit Us In The Desert!

    More than 200 race teams have already signed up for the 2016 BlueWater Resort & Casino Parker “425”

  • Meet Our Team

    Javier and Amadeo Quiros

    Javier Quiros

    President of Purdy Motors

    Amadeo Quiros

    Vice President of Purdy Motors

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  • Race Videos

    Take A Look At These Off Road Videos!

    2016 Mint 400

    Ride along with me in the Spec TT Tacoma during the 2016 Mint 400. This video starts in the driver change at the end of lap 1, roughly race mile 120-200ish.

    Akio Tacoma & Rav4

    Watch how this Tacoma &  Rav4 get around in the dust and dirt.

    Atkinson Toyota 2015

    The Atkinson Toyota race team getting ready for the 2015 Las Vegas NV to Reno NV.

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    Atkinson Toyota Racing Team | 39660 LBJ Fwy South Suite 100 Dallas TX 75237 972-283-6315

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